Environmental Policy


As an organization which is aware of its social responsibilities, having contribution to the economy of the country, giving priority to the environment and people;

Applying the quality policies covering all stages from the purchasing stage to the design, application, and services after the delivery of the works and targeting continues improvement.

Having the responsibility of developing the technical means, training qualified personnel and that the environmental consciousness is adequately developed for this.

Believing that the environmental effects should be controlled by the market forces instead of legal applications with the consciousness that the resources of our world are not infinite, the environmental effects of the products and activities are not local and regional but global.

Targeting that the natural resource usage is minimized; the damages given to the soil, water and air are decreased to minimum level, as the core of the environment policy.

Minimizing the work accidents and occupational diseases in the worksites and all work areas.

Are the basic factors when determining the targets and aims which will improve our quality, environment and work health safety management system.