Uskumruköy ParkONE Villa Construction

Location : Zekeriyaköy/İstanbul
Definition of the project : In the first stage of the ParkONE, a luxury butique residence project, consisting of 79 residences over a land of 30.000 m²; 41 residences of 4 different types, 15 of which are roof doublex, 9 garden doublex, 14 triplex, and 3 garden storeys, open and closed parking lot, social facility areas, electricity, mechanic and all infrastructure applications were completed. The first stage of the project where the latest smart house technology systems were applied, has a gross closed construction area of 22.540 m².
Main Figures
Excavation : 108.657 m³
Reinforcing Bar : 880 ton
Concrete And Reinforced Concrete : 9. 656 m³
Formwork : 39.500 m²
Construction Type : Conventional