Ephesus Convention Center

Employer : KOMER Co. Inc.
Location : Kuşadası/Aydın
Definition of the project : The foundation area of the Ephesus Convention Center, which is indicated as the biggest in Turkey and among the first ten biggest congress center of Europe as for its capacity, is 13.500 m² and the closed construction area is 43.054 m². It was presented to the cultural and commercial life of Aegean as a contemporary and comfortable center with the highest technological standards, with big auditorium for 2.700 people and small one for 745 people, where "Sofita" technology is used, the meeting hall for 800 people which can be divided into 3 and for 400 people which can be divided into 2, 33 committee and small meeting halls which have a capacity of 45 to 800 people, the exhibition area with a closed area of 4.415 m² and open area of 3.000 m², the open terrace area near 6.500 m² and the decorative pool with an area of 1.200 m². Around %40 energy saving is obtained via the nature friendly technology and developed energy system applied in the project, 50.000 liters of rain and excess water drained inside the building can be stored. Besides, all complex was equipped with fire protection and evacuation system compatible with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards and 5.000 plants and trees with various species and sizes were used for the landscaping works.
Main Figures
Excavation : 350.000 m³
Reinforcing Bar : 5.250 ton
Concrete and Reinforced Concrete : 55.000 m³
Formwork : 145.000 m²
Steel Construction : 2.250 ton
Roof Production : 13.500 m² standing seam roof
Facade Coating : 14.000 m² kalesinterflex
Roof Terraces : 6.000 m² wash beton
Ceramic Coating : 37.500 m²
Elevators : 11 units
Electric Cables : 600 km
Lightening Fixtures : 7.200 units
Generator : 4 units, total 5.400 kVA
Air Duct : 25.000 m²
Pipe Production : 25.000 mt
Sprinkler System : 4.000 units
Air Conditioning Station : 21 units and connected 387 units of internal and external VRV
Construction Type : Reinforced Concrete & Steel Carcass